Event: Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business

Date: November 8, 2023

Presenter: Sasha Grinshpun

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Example: ChatGPT for your LinkedIn summary

  1. Pull up your resume or a copy of the internship/job description for the role you’re targetting.
  2. For the prompt, write:
    “Write three resume achievements for a [your title or role] and include success metrics that include [metrics you wish to highlight] using the details from the [resume or job description] below. [Press “Shift” + “Enter,” then copy and paste your resume or job description under the prompt.]
  3. When you get your result, save it in a separate area.
  4. Click “Regenerate” to craft two more versions. Remember to save ChatGPT’s response each time.
  5. Sort through the options, pull what you like from each generated version, customize the metrics as needed, and adjust to make it sound more like yourself.

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