We help high-achieving individuals

navigate life’s inflection points.


Sasha Grinshpun is a master executive coach and career strategist and facilitator with 15+ years of experience. Her eclectic background spanning IDEO/design thinking, consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures puts her in a unique position to have the conversation around, “What do you really want?!”

Sasha combines her gift for quickly gauging life passions of clients with her experience in navigating life’s inflection points. She helps exceptional people craft their own definition of success and confidently make their next move.




“The best way to
predict the future is
to create it”

Catapult Circles help high-achieving individuals navigate life’s inflection points. We have an exciting opportunity for graduating high school seniors, as well as college students. The creators hail from IDEO, Stanford, Yale, Harvard Business School, and the Experience Institute.

Catapult Circles specializes in helping you shape opportunities in the face of change and chaos. While most people struggle with transitions, our design-thinking approach puts you back in the driver’s seat, feeling empowered and focused.

We help you answer two critical questions that come at every transition:
(1) What do you really want? 

(2) How do you get there, on your own terms?

Many come to us for reinvention and stay for the community, accountability, and structure. We have peer circles for specific inflection points including: * launching a company * starting your own consultancy * career reinvention (job search, thought leadership) * creating something new (book, curriculum, course)

View our comprehensive service offerings and email us with questions.

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